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Meredith  Collins
SPED Coordinator

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SPED Coordinator

Hello, my name is Meredith Collins and I live in Lewisburg, Tennessee.  I am the Marshall County High School Special Populations Student Services Coordinator.  I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Science and a minor in Mass Communications from Middle Tennessee State University.  Before coming to the classroom, I worked for the University of Tennessee Extension Service as an Extension Agent in Marshall County for almost 10 years.  I was raised in a strong education family and told myself that teaching was not for me but I realized that after 10 years that the classroom was meant for me.  I have a Master of Science in Education (MSE) for Special Education - Instructional Specialist 4-12.   A little known fact about me that I would like to share is that I grew up in the breathtaking Sequatchie Valley and when my husband and I married 22 years ago today all four of my grandparents and all four of his grandparents were at the wedding.  This is something that my Pap loved to brag about.


I currently live on a 500 acre farm with my husband, Matt and our teenage son, Mason.  Our family raises Registered Hereford Cattle. We visit the Sequatchie Valley as much as we can to see my parents and grandparents.  My husband is a real estate agent, insurance agent, and an auctioneer for his family business Grover Collins Real Estate and Auction, Collins and Miller Insurance, and Orr Insurance.  The insurance company has been in the county for more than 100 years.


I do believe teaching is calling due in part that you have to be ready and willing to devote your life to the future and improvement of all students.